life update

I have almost been back home in the USA for a month now. I don’t think I have ever been busier in my life. Within the first week I started working two jobs and babysitting as well. As everyone knows (and if you don’t you are silly) traveling the world is not exactly nice to your bank account! Shocker, right? I don’t regret anything except not saving enough- however, every penny spent in Europe was worth it!!! With that being said, I knew coming home meant diving back into reality and working hard. 

I still have so many people that I haven’t even been able to see yet because I simply haven’t had the time. 

I had this wonderful plan of coming home, working for the summer, saving my money, and then starting in September- massage therapy school. Well turns out, when you make plans God laughs and says “I’ll do ya one better!” I am so excited because I got accepted into the summer program and will begin taking classes on July 9th! I am still living at home (and loving the rent free life) and will be attending Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy School in Scottsdale. I absolutely cannot wait to get started! The best part is the opportunities for sports massage therapy (MY DREAM JOB) is in high demand and with my program being 7 1/2 months I will be graduating in February of 2019! Just in time for my favorite time of year- SPRING TRAINING!!! Working with baseball teams from all over the country!!!*I’m screaming with excitement* 



So over all doing well, very excited and looking forward to this next chapter of my wild ride of a life!