scuba diving

Bucket list item ✔️

On Saturday some friends and I went with Dive Academy Santa Pola for a discover dive. I have never been scuba diving and thought without a certification I wouldn’t be able to. This was the perfect solution! My good friend Wayne from the local coffee shop (Sip and Wonder) told me about a discover dive they take beginners on and it is basically a trial dive before people decide to get certified. They taught us three skills and helped us get comfortable underwater. Breathing underwater is probably the coolest feeling I have ever experienced! I felt like I had a super power or something! The water was pretty cold and they gave us gloves and hoods to help keep us warmer. While these were very helpful for warmth, they did not exactly appear the most flattering. We were all laughing so hard at each other it was quite a site. Since it was a discover dive we didn’t go more than 15 feet. The water was so clear and there were fish all around us. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any crazy creatures. A girl who was with us said the day before she saw an octopus but no one could see it during our dive. Scuba diving is definitely something I need to do again. If you haven’t tried, I highly recommend!!! Honestly best decision ever!!!!

Check them out if you ever want to have a fun dive!