cooking with carmen

    I will never forget the every first day of my cooking class. I was under the impression that I was going to be taught in English and upon arrival, the class was most definitely NOT taught in English. I only slightly panicked but realized I would probably figure it out as I went. This is just a mindset I have learned to accept when it comes to everything in this foreign country. We were placed in groups of 4 and two of the girls in my group spoke much better Spanish than I did. 

    Our class was held in a separate facility than our regular classes. In fact, it is held at a cooking school. Centres de Turisme (Cdt) I felt like I was walking onto the set of ‘Top Chef’. Every class they start with a glass of wine and tell us where it is from and what kind of food goes well with it. 

*Pro tip:

white/rosé = seafood/ light pasta/ salads  

red = meat/ desserts

    I will also never forget that the first class I ate essentially caviar… that’s not exactly what it was but let’s call it that… let’s also say that I won’t be eating that ever again… 

    Each day I tried something I never would have tried without this class. Our Chef, Carmen is quite possibly my favorite person I have met in Spain. She is patient with me and jokes with me that I am “dangerous”. Couldn’t tell ya why! I won’t lie my group was most definitely the best and Carmen’s favorite. (Her words I swear!) On our last day we made Tortillas de Patatas and our group tied (*won*) for making the best one. 

    I can’t really put into words how much fun this class was, but I hope this helped. I also thought maybe sharing some of the funny moments would be better than rambling. So hope ya’ll enjoy this!!!