My spring break was unlike any break I have ever had for school in my life. I was given not one, but two weeks off from my university. I spent the first week in Alicante, going to the beach, relaxing and just enjoying my little town I live in.

I had previously signed up for a field study tour in Morocco with my study abroad program for the remaining week of break. I won't lie going to Morocco sounded slightly intimidating at first. Just like all my trips I told myself to clear my mind of any expectations and to just take it all in... I could go on about this trip but the most important things from this:

  • Pictures don't do justice (not even 397 of them)
  • Never underestimate skills a person can have, especially if they are impaired.
  • Clean water is HUGELY taken for granted.
  • Craftsmanship and culture are not dead.
  • Religion vs. culture is commonly misunderstood 
  • Arabic is more complicated than Spanish 

One of my favorite things we did was meet the people from the DARNA an association for blind women who take wool and make it into yarn and then into thread and they use the loom to make fabrics. I purchased a blue jacket and a red blanket. Chefchaouen was also my favorite place we went. This city is famously known as "the blue city" and it did not disappoint.