food for thought

Lately I have noticed that nutrition and diet have been on my mind more often then not. If any of you follow my Instagram or Twitter account you might have seen that I recently watched a documentary called “What The Health”. I have spent my whole life eating meat, so never being a vegetarian before, I’m not sure why the topic kept popping up in my head. However it was just one of those things that would randomly be on my mind. As I was scrolling through movies on Netflix this past weekend that title stood out to me. “Why not?” I thought, so I decided to watch it, and I will say that it has opened my eyes way more than I expected. 


I’m not going to harp on everyone to become vegetarian or vegan, but I will encourage everyone to check it out for themselves. I thought it was very interesting and seemed to be mostly honest. Of course there was a bias but some of the information was hard to ignore. 

Everyone has a rhyme or reason, right?

So getting a little more personal...When I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It is not something that will go away. But can almost completely be managed with diet. This is one reason that being vegan (eating an all plant based diet) has crossed my mind. At first I thought it would be too difficult and that I wouldn’t be able to eat so picky. After years of making so many changes to my diet I will say that eating healthier and more plant based items have only made positive impacts to my overall health. After seeing those changes it makes becoming vegan only more ideal.


I definitely have a lot more to learn before I make any drastic changes. Especially being abroad, I don’t think this is something that I will be able to fully commit to. I still want to experience the culture and try the food wherever I travel. But now I have a new curiosity for becoming a vegan and I am pretty sure that when I get home I just might try it out! 



Here is a link to the website from the documentary, take a look for yourself!