Amsterdam was a wild couple days! Me and six other people took a trip to Amsterdam and it was so cool to see such a different place than what I am used to. We did a canal tour, the Heineken Experience, and also walked around the city a lot (sometimes because we were lost, but mostly just wondering). We checked out the Vondel Park, and even though winter had made its mark on the nature it was still worth seeing.


The food was AMAZING. And I am pretty sure I ate enough to feed all of us for a week. My favorite was the market and finding the fresh (and famous) Dutch cookies! Stroopwafels! And let me tell you, they are the most amazing fresh off the skillet. The bikes were only slightly nerve racking because instead of looking both ways before crossing a street you probably should just do a 360 check. You never know where someone is coming from! In face our first day there, the city’s power went out and the crossing signs weren’t working and it was basically a free for all. We walked a total of 20miles or more in our weekend and I justify all the food I ate for that reason. That’s how it works right??

I will say that the Amsterdam airport is definitely in my top five most disliked places. That airport should have it’s own zip code. We definitely did not give ourselves enough time to get through security and I got stuck behind six people who had to get their bags searched. (I didn’t take out my camera...rookie mistake I know). This resulted in me almost missing my flight but with a quick sprint to my gate I was the last person on our plane and the doors shut behind me. So my takeaways from Amsterdam:

1- always give yourself more time than you think for the airport (including transportation)

2-look into hostels because Airbnb’s are way too over priced 

3- eat the fresh stroopwaffles (but also buy some at the grocery store for a more reasonable price) 

4- you might break the bank but you will make memories that will never have a price on them