say a little prayer

I would say that I have a pretty good memory. I like to cherish events, people, places, and feelings. I think that comes from my past and just a general realization that nothing lasts forever. So I try my best to be observant all the time. I notice little things. This comes in handy when trying to find a place after only being there one time and not having directions. Or getting to know a place, or even a person. I take in my surroundings. Signs, doors, words, walls, colors, anything really. 

Awhile ago when I went to San Francisco in high school for our youth mission trip we did something that I have found myself doing often here in Spain. We drove around for hours in the vans and we did a prayer tour. We didn’t speak, we just glanced out our windows and individually prayed for anything we thought necessary or anything we wanted. With all my time walking around/spent in public transportation I find myself doing this. I grew up learning that sometimes the best way to help someone on the street is not to give them money, but instead maybe water, food, or a prayer. 

So I wanted to share a prayer I say and maybe challenge you to try something similar next time you see a person or a place that might be needing some love...

“Dear God, I pray for every person who had to sleep without a bed and without a roof over their heads. I pray for the families that a struggling each day. I pray for the members who have been separated from one another. I pray wherever they are that they are not cold from the weather because you have filled them with such a warmth. I pray that they rise each day with peace in their hearts and the grace of your love. I pray for all the people and animals who didn’t have dinner and are searching for a bite. I pray that you quench whatever thirst they have and that they find hope in everything. I pray that you hold them close to your heart and watch over them. I pray for all your creations and thank you for opening my eyes to not simply pass by each of them.”