like disneyland but better...

I am beyond excited and can barely sit still. Why? MY PARENTS ARE IN MADRID! I am leaving after my class tomorrow to meet them and then we will leave for a weekend in Italy! No set agenda, just open minds and freedom to explore wherever we wish! I cannot tell you how happy I am that my parents are even in Europe! At the beginning of me wanting to come abroad it was never part of the plan for them to come visit (maybe they just kept it a secret). As my departure date grew closer I said to them “don’t you want to take me there and make sure that I make it okay?... You know like when you used to take me to camp?” They laughed and told me I would be just fine. But I knew that deep down they were plotting something! On the way to the airport the day I left my mom says casually, “so I’m thinking we will come visit around March or April.” That time felt so far away and IT IS FINALLY HERE! I realized that the reason I became so homesick while being here was due to the lack of family here. Sure I spent three months away from home in New Jersey, but I was surrounded by my family out there. 

So basically I just wanted to share that you are never too old to miss your parents and that having them travel across the world to come see you is pretty much the greatest feeling. Also they made it safely to Madrid and that is so wonderful! Hope everyone is enjoying their day/night and most importantly finding gratitude in something new every day!