what color is your grass?

We have all heard that the grass is always greener on the other side... I have been so conflicted since coming to Spain. A huge thing for me before coming was being worried about leaving too soon. Giving myself the time to adjust and get comfortable and then having to leave. Being in Arizona made me so ready to travel and see the world. Because how could you want to stay home when you have the opportunity right in front of you? Well here I am. Across the world. Some days I find myself wanting nothing more than to be home, and other days I wonder how I could ever want to be stuck in a desert. I’ve been told how to feel by so many people. All with the intention that they are helping to encourage me. I am so lucky to have so many people who check on me and care. I have come to the conclusion that my feelings each day are valid. They are not silly, or wrong. It’s okay to feel uneasy or excited or nervous. Each day is a new day and I know that I will be missing this beautiful place one day the same way I am missing my beautiful home right now.

The lesson I have learned from this, and a lesson I keep coming across: we will only truly understand what have after it is no longer ours.

Therefore let this be a reminder to be appreciative and grateful for all that we have. Especially when we have it.