visitor # 1

Many people have been asking me how my trip has been and I know that I am flooding social media with pictures. I have seen some really incredible places and met some wonderful people. It has been hard to keep up with everything, but I have been keeping a journal of everything I do each day. That way I am able to look back and remember more details incase I start to forget. 


One of my best friends, Tayler came to visit me all the way from Idaho! I traveled to Barcelona (all by myself) to go meet her and pick her up. Anyone who knows me might be worried about that situation because me traveling alone in Spain with my lack of Spanish speaking ability should scare anyone. However, I am here to tell the story so it can’t be too bad, right? Anyways, Barcelona was full of a lot of firsts for me. It was the first time that I didn’t have my two wonderful navigators and translators. I felt like the training wheels where taken off and my bike was going down a hill. Luckily the tram and bus system is very similar in Alicante. So that wasn’t an issue really… except for the fact that I do not have a phone plan or data out here so unless I have wifi I can’t use my phone. Looking up directions is not something I am able to do when I get lost. I won’t lie Barcelona was a short visit, Tayler got in late Saturday night and on Sunday everything was closed and the Park Güell was packed and we weren’t able to get in before we had to head back to our train. Of course I didn’t think about getting tickets before hand.. * note to self always look into tickets prior to visit* We took a train back to Alicante, explored the city I live in and that weekend we traveled to Las Palmas, Mallorca. This is an island off the coast of Spain and it is BEAUTIFUL!! We got off our plane and we went to the aquarium for several hours. I am such a child at heart when it comes to aquariums or zoos. After we walked across the street and found the beach! As we walked down, we saw a sign for a fish spa massage. It was only 10 euros, not to mention something I have always wanted to try, so of course we did it. Then we relaxed on the beach for a few hours until we were able to check in to our Airbnb. The next day we took an hour bus ride to Valldemossa, Mallorca. Our Airbnb host recommended it and honestly I am so glad we went! It was the perfect day trip and a beautiful morning to explore. We had to catch our flight back around 4pm but even in our short trip, it was well worth it. Although I will mention that our flight coming home was a ridiculous amount of turbulence. I have flown on airplanes every year since before I can remember, and I have never heard the Captain tell the flight to “please fasten our seat belts, remain calm, and review the safety cards in front of you”. I had fallen asleep and woke up to the plane shaking and hearing that… But it’s fine we landed and all was okay. 



Tayler and I tried some new restaurants and lived for the sunsets in this beautiful city. We got up close and personal with the yachts and boats at the marina. Since Tayler works for a marina company back in Coeur d’Alene she was definitely in heaven. All I could think about is how badly I wanted to go out for a boat ride. Tayler also came across the coolest coffee shop near my place called Sip and Wonder. I. Am. In. LOVE. They are the sweetest owners. They are dog friendly and have a boxer that is the most well trained dog I have seen. He is my newest best dog friend. So of course we went there for breakfast the morning Tayler had to leave. T’was a sweet time having my girl get a little taste of Europe with me.