set a fire

My whole life I have been someone who naturally encourages others. I have grown to learn that words are a way of spreading love and joy and seeing people smile is something that gives me butterflies. Whether it is sending a text to let someone know that I am thinking about them, giving someone a gift for a birthday or a holiday, reaching out when life is getting them down, or just bringing someone a laugh when they want to cry. It’s part of who I am. It is in my blood and lifting others up is what keeps me going. After graduating with my Fitness and Wellness degree I have taken my drive to help others on a more personal level. I want to see people becoming happier, healthier, and the BEST versions of themselves. Why? Because feeling good in your own skin is great, but bringing that comfort and love to others is even better. I want the people in my life to wake up with a sense of purpose and hope for each day. I want to shine a light on everyone I know, because I believe that every single person deserves to feel LOVED, WORTHY, WANTED, and STRONG.

I have a busy life and I have let my passion fade. I recently restarted my journey and instead of being obsessed with the results I am hoping for, I am falling in love with the process. I want to help build a community where people can share their highs and lows of their journey together. Where we can encourage each other, share ideas, and lift each other up when we feel like giving up.


I am taking this opportunity to reach out and grow personally and hopefully with others. I am going to open my arms and ask that if you have a goal you want to reach, let me be your hype girl. If you want to start cutting back on old habits, if you want to start changing your mindset, changing your diet, maybe pick up a new hobby, or getting back to an old one. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that there is something out there that sets a fire in your soul and I want to help you keep it burning.