my life as a beach

I have been spending a lot of time on the beach, overlooking the ocean...


God created the sea just as He created you and me.

On days when the water is rough remember the moments when it returns calm and clear.

Waves will form and crash.

Tides will change and rip currents will form. 

The surface doesn't always show everything that is going on below...

Yet there is the beauty in all the surroundings.

The sand is the foundation and the base; this is my faith.

There are jetties that serve protection; this is my family.

The palm trees sway together as they experience changes in weather; these are my friends.

Travelers come to see and experience the beach; these are all the people I meet along the way. 

Some will stop and smile, maybe take a picture.

Others won't blink an eye and will walk right on by. 

Some might stay and grow, maybe even tear something down to create something new.

Each person will leave a footprint on my beach.

Big or small, their hearts will say it all.