Coming to Spain sounds like a dream come true, right? Well- I want to touch on how I got here. I had some incredibly tough decisions to make in order to come here. Saying goodbye to my family, my friends, leaving my job, leaving behind everything that was normal and comfortable. Everything that I knew. I walked away from it all. 

This past year has been a series of changes for me. I am aware that it is all apart of life and everything has to change eventually... This time a year ago I made the decision that I was going to stay in Ocean City, New Jersey for the summer and work. After that I was going to move back home to Phoenix and find an internship there. I moved out of Flagstaff in May of 2017 and I was ready to leave and never look back. Come time to leave I drove away with tears in my eyes. I never realized the impact that little mountain town had on me. The impact of all the wonderful people I had met. I thought that saving money by living at home would be a great idea. I didn't consider that I would be leaving some of the best places and people behind... This feeling returned when I built friendships over the summer in New Jersey and had to leave to come back home. Going into my fall semester interning at ASU I had a better idea of what it felt like to leave. It is never easy and each goodbye harder than the last. 

As I got ready to leave for Spain I reminded myself that this too would end in a goodbye. I also told myself "how lucky am I to have a reason to make saying goodbye so hard?"

There was a period of time when I almost backed out. I prayed and asked God that this was His plan for me. I agreed that if this was where He wanted me to go, I would follow. I still wasn't sure when I first came here that this was the right decision but I am hopeful it was. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss America. I miss my house, my family, my dog, and my friends. I even miss my car. I am still so thankful to be here and so thrilled for the friendships I have just begun to create. I am more and more excited to travel everyday. I just wanted to tell everyone the truth. I also wanted to remind everyone how much they mean to me and that although my phone is living on airplane mode for five months, and only works when I have wifi, I think of you all everyday. I miss you all more than you know.