7 things I learned in 2017...

1. "Everyone is a lesson or a blessing"- you are capable of learning something new from every person you meet. What you take away from them is up to you.  

2. Happiness is not dependent on your circumstances, but is a decision you make. 

3. Hang up and hangout. Technology is cool but don't forget that the people in front of us are not always going to be there.

4.  Being present is the best present. Not only should we be giving our undivided attention to the people in our lives, but to ourselves. Be present in every moment. Don't waste your time being in the past or the future. 

5. Every action you make will have a reaction. This sounds obvious I know, but remember that everyone is affected by our choices and decisions. Take this however you want but this applies to so many aspects in life. 

6. "Ships were not built for the harbor"- Stepping outside your comfort zone is the safest place for growth. I have learned this in my internship, and with my decision to travel to Spain. In making this blog.

7. I will never stop falling in love with the art God creates in the skies and on this Earth. While I am anxious to travel and explore the world, I will hold Arizona close to my heart everywhere I go.