new year's resolution

I typically will create a list of things that I want to accomplish or whatever for the new year and the list is always very similar. This year I have made the decision to make the world a better place. How? I have decided that as a college graduate and an adult, what better way to try and make a difference than to sponsor a child in a third world country. So I am officially the sponsor of five year old Marcos. On top of this I figured a list wouldn’t hurt either and I like to think of twelve things, one for each month of the year(not that the order matters)… so here goes nothing!

IMG_0130 2.JPG


  1. Make a positive impact on everyone I meet
  2. Keep an open mind
  3. Don’t drink Tequila
  4. Write something down everyday
  5. Pray for someone new each day
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Be present
  8. Don’t kill time on my phone
  9. Eat healthy/ exercise daily
  10. Practice yoga
  11. Cherish the little things
  12. Be kind always