words. are. power.

Writing is such a beautiful thing. Words have the power to create something so strong that it could linger in our minds forever. Words are used to tell stories, share memories, express emotions, and give life to the thoughts inside our head. 


There are times when I look back on things I wrote, or letters that where written to me, and I am able to relieve those memories. I have a journal that my mom wrote to me and my brother when she knew that her cancer was terminal. In this journal she did her best to share as much as she could with us. Each page a new topic written on the heading. "Describe your childhood home" "Grandparents houses and how often did you visit" "Where did you go to church, become a Christian and about faith" "What chores did you have growing up?" "First job" "First kiss". The list goes on... She wrote this hoping that we would be able to look back and read it when we were older. I can't express enough how grateful I am for this. Her words are so full of passion, love, and God. She was actually an angel on Earth I swear. She spoke freely of her love for God and her faith as often as she could. Through her words my mom inspired me to remain a believer even in my darkest times of doubt. I have fought my own faith journey many times, after her death, after losing my Nana, and losing friends too young. I would not be the person I am today without the testimony she shared. The power of her words changed me forever. 


I had a friend pass away about a year ago. He was a friend from church and he was someone who I thought of as a little brother. Every year my church youth group would go on mission trips and retreats. At the end of these trips we would always write to one another either on a poster or in separate notes. We call them "Agape" notes/ posters. Agape is the Greek word, meaning love. I loved this friend like a little brother. I wanted to protect him, and show him right from wrong. I wanted to prove that God's love was real and that he was loved and important. I never got the chance to truly share my words with him. He was brought to Heaven shortly after his 18th birthday. God has a plan for everyone and everything. I believe that. 

On one of my Agape posters, this friend wrote the most unforgettable note to me. His words are beyond powerful, they are engraved in my heart. They bring tears to my eyes, a smile across my face, and a bittersweet feeling in my heart. Full of love, because of the way I impacted him in such a way that he could share these thoughts with me, yet empty because I feel like I was unable to express my gratitude to him. 


The parts that really get to me... "I know for a fact that you have changed my life forever...You are like the big sister I never had. You are truly my best friend ever...It means so much to me when you include me in whatever you do. I will remember you forever." 

There is always a knot in my throat after that. Because I will remember him forever. He has changed my life. These words are something that have power beyond belief. If only you knew him you would understand that these words were not common. This coming from the kid who was constantly getting in trouble. He was always plotting something that was never a good idea. He used to swear under his breath while we sat in prayer circles. These words have power.