enough. is. enough

If you decide that you want to live your life differently, it is okay. It is okay, to change our minds. It is okay, to be unsure of what we want to do, or where we want to go in life. Everything does not NEED a plan. Even if there is a plan, remember... it is allowed to change. 


I know this sounds silly, but just the other day I was in Starbucks when I overheard a math tutor. She was telling the two girls she was working with that in math, there are sometimes multiple ways to solve a problem and still have the right answer. I don’t know why but those words really stuck out to me. Obviously I wasn’t working on math problems that applied to her information…But I couldn’t help to think that life is the same way.


I feel like so many people have so much pressure to be and do so much and I just want everyone to realize they are enough. I struggle with this so much and I feel like most everyone does. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.


"There is pressure to pick the right school when applying for colleges. Then once you are in school, you have to have the right major, with good grades. Making sure to build your resume and join clubs. Maybe join Greek life, but don’t forget to study for excessive hours for each of your exams. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Make new friends, but not the wrong ones. Explore campus and the town, but be careful. Have no money, and need a job? Balance the time to work, because you have to pay for everything, but remember you are a student first... and what's a college student without a social life. Put in the hours to keep your gas tank full and food on your plate. Are you getting a good night's rest? Make sure to sleep for at least 6-8 hours a night."



Want to change your major? DO IT! Don’t waste your time doing something that you can’t see yourself doing and enjoying. There are so many options for different career paths out there. Also you don’t need to decide right away. Never torture yourself by forcing yourself to be unhappy.